Wind Power SCADA

Wind is an infinitely renewable supply of power that can be harnessed as an outstanding energy source, given the proper location and the latest turbine generation technology. 

Within a farm, individual wind turbine generators are interconnected with a medium voltage collection system and communications network. This medium-voltage electricity is then stepped up with a transformer to a high voltage transmission system and the electric grid. As the number of wind turbine generators increases within a farm’s configuration, the need for managing those assets becomes progressively more important.

The Ovation SCADA system provides access to real-time wind turbine generator diagnostics and alarms and allows for easy data management and seamless communication with remote wind generation sites. This system supports multiple communication media (network, satellite, cellular, radio, and more) and incorporates redundancy and failover schemes.

Manage your wind farm generation resources to help minimize turbine generator downtime and maximize their availability by making the Ovation SCADA system part of your automation strategy.

The Ovation™ distributed control system was designed from the ground up to help commercial power generation and water & wastewater facilities achieve operational excellence and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

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