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Clean-in-Place/Mobile Clean-in-Place
Without the right systems in place, managing the sequencing of lines and vessels for cleaning while optimizing production can be a scheduling challenge. Spartan Controls process equipment and control systems provide a lower-cost, regulatory-compliant solution that increases efficiency, improves safety by reducing cross-contamination, and offers greater assurance of product quality.

Mobile CIPs are a cost-effective way to clean individual pieces of equipment and/or small systems to appropriate sanitation standards.

They range from single tank manual systems to 2 vessel fully automated versions and everything in between and can be used in conjunction or as a steppingstone to a fully hard piped stationary CIP. Past budgetary and integration considerations, another reason to consider a Mobile CIP is if your facility has allergen concerns. By dedicating a Mobile CIP to allergen exposed equipment, you will minimize your potential for cross contamination. Options to consider when deciding what system best suits your needs would be Temperature Control, Chemical Concentration Verification and Data Recording.

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We are constantly looking for ways to innovative CIP technology and processes such as using Ozone as the sanitizer step vs traditional chemistry and filtering your caustic to extend the lifecycle of your chemical spend.

Our inhouse CIP specialists are eager to help you design the system that best suits your requirements or optimize an existing system to increase your efficiencies or address a specific pain point. On time and on budget. Please click here to fill out the form required for us to not only size and budget your system properly but also offer you an ROI that considers your Energy, Chemical and Labour spends.