2375 - Wireless Self Organizing Network

8am-4:30pm (**end times are approximate) / 2 Days
$1,880 (2020 price per student; prices may change without notice; taxes extra)

This 2 day course explains how self-organizing wireless networks function and how they are installed, setup, configured, and integrated. It emphasizes planning, proper installation, and startup, configuration, maintenance, and integration. The course uses lectures and labs to maximize the hands on experience and teach the students.

Students who complete this course will:

  •  correctly install and setup the 1420 wireless gateway
  •  properly install and configure wireless transmitters
  •  properly integrate host interfaces to the wireless gateway
  •  How self-organizing networks function
  •  Self-organizing Networks best practices
  •  Network components
  •  1420 installation and setup
  •  Network parameters
  •  648 and 3051S wireless transmitters installation, configuration, maintenance, and calibration
  •  Using AMS Device Manager with the 1420 wireless gateway
  •  Configuring wireless devices with AMS Device Manager
  •  Operation of AMS Wireless SNAP-ON
  •  Modbus serial integration
  •  Modbus TCP integration
  •  OPC integration
Some experience in Networks & Host Integration would be helpful.
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