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BlueMarvel EMIS provides real-time awareness of energy usage and overconsumption across your industrial operation.  Energy streams considered include WAGES (Water, Compressed Air, Natural Gas, Electricity, and Steam) but can incorporate additional, complementary energy streams as well as other consumable resources.  This modular EMIS is easily applied to both generation and production assets at a single site or across an enterprise.  
The BlueMarvel EMIS provides value in that it supports the See-Decide-Act model, allowing for cost avoidance by immediately identifying inefficiencies and providing actionable intelligence for decision support, allowing you to proactively manage overconsumption.

During the webinar, we will present how expected energy consumption is determined based on available measurements. The BlueMarvel EMIS allows for additional measurements to be added in time, providing more comprehensive and actionable information for the user. The solution can also be customized to meet your specific needs. 

To join us at  2.00 PM MST April 17, 2023, please fill out the form and click the REGISTER TODAY button. 
Rahul Raveendran

Rahul Raveendran is a Data Scientist at Spartan Controls Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada. At Spartan Controls, his role involves developing data-driven solutions to solve challenges faced by customers in process operations, reliability, and process safety. Rahul has 10 years of R&D and consulting experience in data science, process optimization and advanced process control. Rahul has helped co-develop solutions and products focused on alarm monitoring, control loop performance monitoring, bypass monitoring, energy management, equipment reliability, advanced process control and optimization.


Rui (Ray) Nian

Rui (Ray) Nian has 7 years of industrial experience and has been working for Spartan Controls on data related projects for the last 4 years.  Currently, he leads the software development team at BlueMarvel AI to create modern software catered towards the process industry.  Rui received his BSc. in Chemical Engineering and MSc. in Process Control from the University of Alberta. Rui specialized in reinforcement learning optimal control and ML for industrial monitoring and prediction. Previously, Rui has worked in health care, upstream/midstream and downstream oil and gas, and in mining operations.