DriveWorks EZ Software

A software system that provides the means to create custom drive functionality inside the V1000 and A1000 Series drives.

DriveWorks EZ

The marketplace is moving towards flexible drive software that allows the user to adapt their drive to machines/processes in a timely and cost effective manner. DriveWorksEZ® adds programmable drive functions that can tailor the V1000 and A1000 Series drives to the machine without the help of external controllers such as a PLC. This provides the user with easy access to the power of the V1000 and A1000 Series drives through an icon-based, graphical programming environment.

DriveWorksEZ® is composed of dedicated V1000 and A1000 Series drive software and a PC tool for creating and downloading function-block based application programs. Simply create application programs by arranging function block icons in a visual flow chart. Total drive and machine control are only a few mouse clicks away. User-friendly program monitoring is included for fast, easy start-up and troubleshooting. DriveWorksEZ® provides function on demand, allowing the customer to customize and adapt the V1000 and A1000 Series drives to their machine needs in a fast and intuitive manner.

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