Power and Drives Solutions

The payback period for installing drives is usually less than three years and can be less than a year.

Variable frequency drives (VFDs), also known as AC drives, are used to control the speed of electric motors, which consume approximately 25% of the world's electrical energy in industrial and commercial applications. Used in building automation applications to control the speed of fans and pumps in various systems, VFDs enable users to operate a motor at any commanded speed as opposed to running across-the-line at a fixed speed. This variable speed control improves energy efficiency and lessens the wear and tear on mechanical couplings, such as gears, belts, and pulleys.

Other benefits include:

  • Speed and torque control
  • Soft start
  • Motor protection
  • Energy savings
  • Remote monitor/control

Spartan Controls is the exclusive representative of Yaskawa Electric AC Drives in Western Canada, a world-leading manufacturer of electric drive technology.

Yaskawa Drives
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