Anderson Greenwood Series 90/9000

Anderson Greenwood Series 90/9000 Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves

Maximize operating pressure and minimize emissions with the Series 90/9000 pilot operated relief valve

A wide range of both pressure and vacuum relief valves, primarily designed for protecting low pressure storage vessels, tanks and low pressure piping systems that are a high performance alternative to weight loaded relief devices.

  • Pilot control keeps high seat forces all the way to set pressure point, helping eliminate product losses.
  • Snap action opening permits full opening at set pressure, allowing higher settings and overcoming freezing or sticking problems.
  • Choice of rapid snap opening and proportional modulating action pilots to suit the process.
  • Extensive selection of resilient seat and diaphragm materials to meet most conditions and provide long maintenance free operation.
  • Balanced against back pressure enabling connection to closed header systems without loss of valve lift or set pressure fluctuations.
  • Remote sensing option allows accurate pressure sensing regardless of inlet piping pressure losses.
  • Field test connection enables valve function verification in place without removal to a test bench or raising process pressures.
  • Manual blowdown enables manual or remote actuation to depressurize a system.
  • ASME UV Code Stamp for set pressures above 15 psig.
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