Anderson Greenwood Model 910

Anderson Greenwood Model 910 Low Pressure Pilots

Pilot operated pressure relief valves that pipe away to a closed header system

Model 910 valves provide pressure relief to protect tanks from damage or deformation, minimize emissions and loss of product due to evaporation in storage tank farms, oil and gas production, the petroleum, pharmaceutical and chemical sectors.

  • Pilot operation ensures accurate pressure relief.
  • Choice of body materials.
  • Fully open at 10% overpressure, enabling setting close to MAWP and minimizing tank emissions.
  • Leakage rate of 0.5 scfh (0.015 Nm3 /hr) or less at 90% of setpoint.
  • Modular design enables all components to be removed and replaced in-situ for quicker, simpler maintenance.
  • Optional ‘all-weather’ coating prevents frozen condensate build-up and sticking of vital components in cold weather applications.

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