Rosemount 3144

Rosemount 3144 temperature transmitterWith the Rosemount 3144 Temperature Transmitter, you gain greater visibility into your temperature processes so you can improve safety, comply with regulations, make the most of your limited resources, and reach your production and quality targets.

By leveraging the diagnostic capabilities and the unparalleled reliability and accuracy of the Rosemount 3144, you can minimize off-spec product, reduce maintenance and downtime, improve the usage of your limited resources, and meet regulatory demands. 


Avoid measurement failure with diagnostics

  • Hot backup prevents primary sensor failure from disrupting process control
  • Sensor drift alert detects a degrading sensor
  • Thermocouple diagnostic monitors the health of a thermocouple loop
  • Open/short sensor diagnostic indicates if a sensor is open or shorted

Optimize process control

  • Better accuracy with sensor and TX matching
  • Diagnostic logs for insight into process
  • Configurable alerts
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