Danalyzer 500 Gas Chromatograph

The Danalyzer 500 Gas Chromatograph offers the broadest range of analysis options available today in a field-mounted GC. 

The 500 Gas Chromatograph calculates heating value, relative density, compressibility, Wobbe index and can be used for trace contaminant monitoring, pipeline integrity, and process control maintaining product quality.

The proven technology and software of the 500 GC series offers superior reliability and precision, lower installation and operating costs, greater application flexibility, and unmatched measurement performance.

The Danalyer 500 Gas Chromatograph is available in two customizable models:

  • 570/571 BTU/CV Gas Chromatograph: the ideal choice for compositional analysis of pipeline gas, including C1 to C6+, N2 and CO2, with ±0.0125 % CV when installed in a temperature controlled environment and ±0.025 % CV repeatability over complete temperature range (-18 °C to 55 °C)
  • 590/591 Dual Oven Gas Chromatograph: utilizes dual chromatography for advanced applications. Provides more complete AGA 8 calculations by having better accountability of the heavier components. Typical applications include C9+ with optional hydrocarbon dew point calculation and C6+ with trace H2S, with ±0.05 % CV repeatability over complete temperature range
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