Rosemount 8705 Flanged Flow Tube

With their stainless and carbon steel bodies and welded hermetic seal, The Rosemount 8705 Magnetic Flowmeters are protected against moisture and other contaminants, providing best-in-class reliability.

The internal components and wiring of the sensor are sealed within the housing, ensuring maximum sensor reliability and protects the meter from harsh environmental conditions. The Pulsed DC technology provides continuous automatic zeroing to compensate for variations in the process conditions. 


  • Traditional flanged construction and simple design to enhance reliability. A range of line sizes (0.5 to 36 inches) and a wide selection of wetted materials ensure compatibility with all conductive fluids.
  • Fully welded carbon steel housing which provides a hermetic seal. Secondary containment compartments within the housing surround the electrodes to capture potential process fluid leakage.
  • Optional lining protector guards against installation damage.

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