Rosemount 3051SMV

Better measurement is the key to better control.

The 3051 SMV delivers unprecedented performance and capabilities by integrating multivariable measurement into the industry-leading scalable 3051S platform. The result is better control of raw materials, combustion, reactions, blending, and product quality.


Achieve tighter control of reactions

  • Add new wireless measurement points without stressing your budget or your I/O capacity.
  • Compensate flow readings for changes in line pressure and process temperature.
  • Maximize insight into process conditions with flow calculations that update 22 times a second.

Reduce installation and maintenance costs

  • Reduce pipe penetrations and save on impulse piping and connection systems with three measurements in a single device.
  • Configure the Rosemount 3051S Multivariable transmitter in two easy steps using Rosemount’s Engineering Assistant Software

Improve energy management

  • Control air and fuel flow rates more precisely to optimize combustion in boilers and furnaces.
  • Track production, demand and usage with repeatable energy flow measurements. 
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