Micro Motion R-Series

Micro Motion R-Series meters are designed for general utility use across a wide range of applications where basic flow measurements are needed. 

Benefiting from the fundamental advantages of Coriolis technology, the Micro Motion R-series is an ideal replacement for mechanical flow meters. 


Multi-variable flow and density measurement

  • Basic liquid mass flow, volume flow, and density measurement performance in a compact design
  • Rugged design minimizing process, mounting, and environmental effects

Best fit-for-application

  • Cleanable, self-draining design for critical process control service
  • Compact design enables installation flexibility and reduced maintenance costs
  • Broad range of I/O offerings including HART, Profibus-DP, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, 4-20 mA, and wireless capabilities

Exceptional reliability and safety

  • No moving parts to wear or replace minimizes maintenance for long-term reliability
  • 316L stainless steel construction for compatibility with most fluids
  • Robust sensor design minimizes down time and process interruption costs

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