Micro Motion CMFHC

There is an increasing demand for better accuracy from meters, whether used for process control or mass balance of custody transfer applications.

Additionally, it is becoming more difficult to find personnel to maintain and repair traditional meters.

Customers who use Coriolis can eliminate significant costs associated with proving mechanical meters to suit different products, as well as the cost of regular proving that can be eliminated or minimized by utilizing SMV.


  • Available in sizes up to 12” and are Measurement Canada certified for use in liquid pipeline applications.
  • No moving parts and does not require calibration for changes in product density, viscosity, temperature, or pressure
  • Available with smart meter verification (SMV).  SMV runs without interrupting the process and can alert the user of issues with the structural integrity of the flow tubes that could affect meter performance.
  • Measures density and flowing temperature, making it the ideal choice for leak detection applications as well as mass flow. 

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