Micro Motion 5700

The Micro Motion 5700 transmitter delivers the best in measurement technology and offers unparalleled support – providing you with total measurement confidence, valuable process insight and improved productivity through simplified solutions. 

Micro Motion Model 5700 transmitters with MVD™ technology deliver powerful features that make managing your process easier.


Repeatable, reliable, accurate measurements

  • Faster processing speed delivers the best response even in the most challenging applications such as meter proving, filing & dosing and batching
  • Smart Meter Verification provides you with the confidence you need in your meter performance
  • Zero verification confirms the calibration and indicates when it's time to re-zero the meter

A window into your process

  • Easy access to detailed measurement history gives you valuable insight into your process for better troubleshooting and optimization
  • Real-time indication of multi-phase flow events allow for greater process control
  • High-accuracy density measurement reduces or eliminates waste in your process. While the embedded historian records upsets and process deviations

Productivity through simplified solutions

  • Designed to minimize the time and expertise needed to install and operate the flowmeter
  • up to five fully configurable I/O channels that can be easily upgraded with changing needs
  • Offline configuration and auditing through new file shuttling capability

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