SlipStream® is a proprietary, patented technology that utilizes vented hydrocarbons, that would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, as a supplementary fuel source for natural gas engines. SlipStream® technology monitors and controls the addition of these vented hydrocarbons to ensure safe and reliable engine operation.

As an addition to the REMVue® product family, SlipStream® technology can be easily integrated into new or existing installations and used on engines from 100 to 4,000 horsepower. Spartan Controls Engine & Compression Solutions team provides three different options for SlipStream® systems:

  • SS3 - Maximum flow rate of 5 kg/hour
  • SS10 - Maximum of 10% of total engine fuel flow can be supplemented by the SlipStream® system
  • SS50 - Maximum of 50% of total engine fuel flow can be supplemented by the SlipStream® system

With SlipStream®, the return on investment (ROI) is typically realized less than 6 months after start-up.

Why Use Vented Emissions? 
  • Methane is a greenhouse gas (25 × CO2
  • Vents and leaks are expensive to eliminate 
  • A natural gas engine burns over 99% of its fuel
  • Fuel can be comprised of methane, ethane, propane, butane, CO, H2, BTEX* (> 99.5% reduction)
  • Significant fuel and GHG savings
  • No recompression or VRU is required 
  • No need to upgrade to instrument air or low bleed devices if majority of vented gas can be used in engine(s)

Customer Story: Gas venting at a site was causing undesirable GHG emissions. Installation of REMVue® and SlipStream® systems saves our Customer $13,620 in fuel gas and $25,877 in GHG credits annually.

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