The REMVue AFR® is an advanced air-fuel ratio control and monitoring system for performing a rich-to-lean conversion, as well as air-fuel control and optimization. The system can be configured as an effective stand-alone control system, or can be integrated to work in conjunction with other hardware/software systems like the SlipStream® vent capture to make the most effective impact. 

With its vast range of capabilities, including shutdown, the REMVue AFR® consistently, and safely, delivers improvements to reliability, operating costs, and overall asset performance. 

Operations with installed REMVue AFR® have reported quick return on investments (ROI) through increased revenue from higher productivity, fewer operating costs, improved safety programs, and positive environmental results.


  • Rich-to-Lean Conversion
  • Continuous online and remote communication/analysis
  • Accurate air-fuel control 
  • Governor and process/load control 
  • Increased engine and compressor performance 
  • Safety shutdown capability
  • Compatibility with other products 

Customer Story: A Customer wished to collect greenhouse gas offsets for REMVue® AFR installations via the Alberta Emissions Offset Registry. Installation of REMVue® AFR system resulted in fuel gas savings of 13,900 tCO2(e). This amount has been successfully claimed under the Alberta Offset System at $15/tCO2(e) for a total savings of $208,500.

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