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AMS Wireless Vibration AMS Wireless Vibration

Emerson’s AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor is based on decades-proven technology that communicates using modern, cybersecure protocols.

This is the wireless device that will extend your reliability program to an unprecedented number of plant assets – including those in hazardous or hard to reach areas – and deliver maximum visibility to asset health. The unit features complete data acquisition – triax vibration with temperature and PeakVue measurements – to provide a sophisticated look at asset health on par with other online and portable monitoring options.

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Ideal for deployment across your plant or enterprise.

The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor offers the following benefits:
  • Automated machine monitoring with a lower total cost of ownership.
  • Simple installation in about 5 minutes.
  • Fleet management tools for fast configuration in the shop or in the field.
  • Prescriptive analytics using patented PeakVue Plus to accelerate your diagnosis.
  • Reduced time in the field - more time to recommend maintenance actions.
  • Rapid ROI with lower installed cost and fast access to actionable information.
  • Long 3-5 year life with an off-the-shelf battery collecting up to 4 waveforms per day.
  • Battery replacement in the field – even in hazardous areas.
  • Access asset health information on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere.
PeakVue Plus prescriptive analytics show that this machine has insufficient lubrication, but the bearing has not been damaged yet.
AMS Machine Works v1.6 incorporates data from the AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor to deliver anytime, anywhere visibility to asset health.
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Already have a wireless network? The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor:

  • Uses the most secure, reliable, self-healing wireless network available.
  • Is compatible with your existing WirelessHART network and any AMS 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitters onsite.
  • Can be used anywhere in your plant, even areas requiring Class 1 Div 1, ATEX IECeX Zone 0 hazardous rated technology.
The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers:

The AMS Wireless Vibration Monitor delivers:

  • 20KHz Fmax available for use on any asset application.
  • Triaxial sensors for complete measurement of the bearing with a single sensor that also incorporates surface temperature reading.
  • 1600 lines of resolution on every spectrum in all XYZ directions.
  • Automatic running speed determination.
  • Rugged industrial design and construction, including:
    • z 316 Stainless Steel components for protection against environmental corrosion
    • z IP66 protection against the elements