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Depot Services

Spartan provides depot services for all Measurement Instrumentation products. Our Edmonton Facility is ISO9001 approved with CSA certified manufacturing capabilities, and we strive for the highest of quality regimes. 

Significant investments into a NIST traceable, factory certified meter proving skid allows us the ability to support you through many of your regulatory meter proving requirements. Whether it be for routine calibrations, repairs or instrument verification, our factory trained and certified technicians and equipment will ensure the most cost-effective solution is provided to you. 

Flow Meter Proving

Flow Meter Proving

Whether you require annual proving for regulatory purposes, repair, testing, or accuracy verification where a meter performance is in question, our experienced, factory trained and certified technicians will ensure all of your needs are met. 

Customers who have purchased or are purchasing meters in government regulated, custody transfer or plant balance applications have been challenged by: 

  • Increased demands by regulatory bodies 
  • Difficulties with in-situ meter proving 
  • Long turnaround delays 
  • High maintenance costs related to off-site meter proving 

To support our valued customers, Spartan has invested in a Master Meter Proving Stand. 

Measurement Instrumentation depot technicians are factory trained and equipped with the sophisticated tools necessary to repair your instrumentation. Whether factory return or parts are required, whether repair or replacement best suits your needs, our knowledgeable repair coordinators assist in ensuring the best options are presented to you and the quickest possible turnaround times are achieved. 

When sending measurement instrumentation products to our service center, the following steps may be performed: 

  • Physical inspection of condition 
  • Factory repair coordination
  • Analysis and summary of repair feasibility 
  • Disassembly if required
  • Cleaning procurement if required 
  • Parts procurement and replacement 
  • Device diagnosis and verification 
  • Repair or calibration to industry specifications 


Our factory trained and certified technicians will restore accuracy and performance for Rosemount pressure, temperature, level, liquid analytic, and wireless products.
PMI testing is a procedure used to verify and identify the composition of materials, typically metals, to ensure their quality and suitability for specific applications. Our specialists can perform these tests and provide a quality report.
Hydrostatic testing is a proven method used to assess the strength, integrity, and safety of pressurized systems. Through this process, we subject the equipment to increased internal pressure using water, allowing us to accurately detect any leaks, weaknesses, or defects.

Our skilled technicians employ state-of-the-art equipment and industry best practices to ensure that your systems meet regulatory standards, operate efficiently, and maintain optimal performance.

With our Hydrostatic Testing services, you can have the utmost confidence in the reliability and durability of your critical assets.
Borescope inspections are a valuable tool used to visually examine and assess the condition of hard-to-reach areas within equipment. By utilizing our specialized borescope, our expert technicians can capture high-resolution images and videos of internal surfaces, identifying potential issues such as corrosion, blockages, or structural damage.

This non-destructive testing method allows for proactive maintenance, early detection of problems, and informed decision-making regarding repairs or replacements. With borescope inspections, you can enhance operational efficiency, minimize downtime, and ensure the longevity of your critical equipment. Trust Spartan Controls to deliver comprehensive borescope inspections, enabling you to optimize performance and mitigate potential risks.