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Process Control Optimization - Control Systems

Maximizing production, uptime, and efficiency is key in an aggressive economic and regulatory environment.

Typical industrial facilities have more than 75% of their physical assets under some form of process control; however, studies show that the majority of process control systems under-perform and are not coordinated to optimize unit operations. Opportunity exists to improve plant efficiency and business results through process control optimization.

Spartan combines advanced control technology, industry application knowledge, and control engineering expertise to deliver quantifiable and sustainable operational results.

Spartan’s process control experts work with you to identify, justify, design, and implement process control optimization projects. We provide your teams with industry-specific expertise and control knowledge to help you achieve quantifiable business results. The Emerson DeltaVTM embedded advanced control software provides a complete suite of optimization tools to solve even the most complex process control problems.
Achieve quantified business results
Leverage a complete suite of optimization tools
Rely on our experienced process control experts

Proven Results

A steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility in Northern Alberta had four once through steam generators (OTSGs) that had reliability and efficiency problems. Spartan implemented a process control optimization project on all four OTSGs. By using DeltaVTM Model Predictive Control (MPC), stability was improved over a wide range of operating conditions. This resulted in annual purchased fuel savings of $800,000/year and an annual CO2 reduction of 6,400 tonnes.