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Packaged Solutions - Wellhead Production Measurement

A test separator is used for the separation of oil, water, and gas to determine production volumes.

If a two-phase separator is used, the combined liquids must be measured and reported for plant proration and royalty reporting. Water cut measurement can be challenging because the liquids measured are comprised of an oil/water mix with the oil typically at the hydrocarbon vapour pressure. Measurement of live fluid is a complex process control problem as production fluids change characteristics over the life of a well.

Spartan’s Net Oil Computer (NOC) reports alarms and warnings when conditions affecting measurement are present.

This information can help determine what is happening to the well at a given time and ensure accurate measurement. The NOC can be integrated into a plant's SCADA host system for remote operation and data analysis.
Allow remote operation and data analysis
Meet regulatory requirements
Measure production volumes accurately

Proven Results

To support our Customer, we implemented a NOC solution and as a result, specification time was reduced, saving our Customer $25,000 in billable hours.