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Packaged Solutions - Viscosity Measurement

​Produced oil has to be blended to ensure the density and viscosity are less than the defined shipping limits.

This must happen prior to shipping the produced oil on a major pipeline. The easiest and most cost-effective way to lower the viscosity of produced heavy oil before transporting is to add condensate. Producers commonly overcompensate with extra condensate because their current systems cannot accurately measure viscosity in real-time. Condensate costs can be significant for the producer or shipping company. 

Spartan’s online viscosity measurement system provides an accurate viscosity measurement to a defined reference temperature.

The key to the viscosity system is its capability to measure hydrocarbon viscosity at operating temperature and provide a corrected reference viscosity at a user-defined reference temperature. The corrected viscosity curve is continuously updated to account for hydrocarbon composition changes that can impact measurement accuracy. These corrections within the viscosity measurement solution can significantly reduce your facility’s operational blending costs. Our system maintains accuracy, even with changing composition of heavy oil or condensate products, minimizing the need for costly laboratory testing.
Ensure measurement accuracy
Minimize the need for costly laboratory testing