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Packaged Solutions - Valve Automation

Our Customers face challenging process conditions in their valve automation applications.

Our packaged technologies can solve a variety of common issues that our Customers experience in their day-to-day operations.

In cases in which no solution exists, we collaborate with our principals to develop a solution for your process control application.
Choose the best technology for the application
Rely on our experienced team

Proven Results

A Customer was experiencing challenges with the Motor Operated Valves (MOVs) in their coker plant. The existing MOVs were being subjected to extremely high heat and high vibration, reducing the reliability of the equipment. 

Spartan’s valve automation specialists engaged with both the Customer and the factory to conduct a root-cause analysis. We established that there was no existing actuator that could offer reliable performance in the harsh environment and began working with the actuator manufacturer on a solution. This collaboration resulted in the development of a new severe service model of an electric actuator that can handle the high temperatures and high vibration present in this service. The new actuator was installed and has operated flawlessly for over 24 months, which has contributed to the coker plant setting several records for both availability and production.