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Packaged Solutions - Truck Unloading Measurement

Fluid variations can cause challenges in ensuring accurate truck unloading measurements.

Variations such as changing oil density, water density, temperature and water cut can get in the way of achieving accurate measurements using traditional methods without significant effort and manpower.

Spartan’s truck unloading solutions deliver proven results under virtually all process variations.

We utilize reliable and accurate inline measurement technology, along with patented calculations, to provide accurate accounting of oil and water volumes throughout the entire truck unload. Automated switching capabilities based on real-time water cut allow for even further reduction of oil processing costs.
Reduce oil processing costs
Avoid costly accounting errors
Meet government reporting regulations

Proven Results

Produced hydrocarbon must be transported by truck if pipeline access is not in place. Custody transfer and government reporting regulations demand a reliable, highly accurate measurement system for volume and water cut measurement. Accurate measurement ensures correct economic accounting, as poor water cut measurement can lead to the payment of oil prices for produced water. 

Spartan’s truck unloading solutions provide accurate inline measurement for volume and water cut. One Customer saved $352 per truck based on $50/bbl oil when their TruckVueTM system accurately measured the water cut of the entire load versus grab samples.