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Operations Management

Industrial facilities generally operate based on product quality and production rate, while energy consumption is overlooked.

A high-level energy budget may exist, but day-to-day operations rarely place significant weight on energy costs. 

Spartan’s monitoring, targeting, and reporting approach to energy management is a continuous improvement process, ensuring sustained benefits.

It is based on internationally proven information management strategies that have typically yielded 5-15% savings on energy costs. The process begins with ensuring proper metering infrastructure design and data management. Wireless measurements instruments are often the enabling technology. Rigorously validated data is used to generate multivariate energy consumption models at multiple levels of resolution. Achievable energy performance targets are set based on historical performance, and target deviations are identified using a statistical toolset. The resulting information is reported to the appropriate personnel to drive action and results.
Choose a proven process for monitoring, targetting, and reporting
Rely on expert support and proven technologies

Proven Results

Spartan implemented the solution at two industrial sites, identifying potential electrical savings of 30.3 GWh/year and 9.5 GWh/year. Significant potential savings of other energy sources were also identified.