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Network Services - SecureCheck

Critical data is needed 24/7 for effective, real-time decision-making.

Preventing cyber attacks from hackers, worms and trojans, and inadvertent misuse of automation and information systems is key in maintaining process up-time and production, while ensuring safe work conditions.

The SecureCheck program consists of an in-depth review of policies, procedures, topologies, and configurations for all systems within the production security area.

An experienced industrial network analyst reviews the physical installation and system documentation, and interviews maintenance and operations personnel. A detailed report provides recommendations to maintain and improve system security.
Maintain process uptime and production
Maintain and improve system security
Ensure safe work conditions

Proven Results

Our Customer in Western Canada required a regulatory third-party security audit of their industrial control networks and cyber security defenses in their critical infrastructure facility. The DeltaVTM OTS systems replicated the online plant systems at the Customer’s facility. The OTS allowed the instructor to initiate training scenarios within DeltaVTM to reproduce real-world plant process situations for employees, making for an easier transition from training to the online plant.