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Modernization & Lifecycle Management
Unscheduled shutdowns cost the industry between two to five percent annually.

Unscheduled shutdowns cost the industry between two to five percent annually.

Changes in process conditions or plant modifications can impact instruments over time in ways that had not been considered during initial design. As a result, the instrument may no longer be the correct solution for that application. If this is not addressed, the affected instrument can cause unnecessary shutdowns and operational expenses.

Spartan's onsite asset specialists, technical specialists, and application engineering teams have access to the latest developments in instrumentation technology.

We can review your existing instrumentation and help determine what enhancements or modernization opportunities may exist to improve plant performance or reduce repair costs in time for your next turnaround.
Avoid unscheduled shutdowns and operational expenses
Identify key modernization opportunities
Leverage the latest instrumentation technology

Proven Results

A Customer with a steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) facility in Alberta was experiencing continual control valve plugging issues in a critical service boiler feed water application. After repairing the control valve numerous times, the operations team asked their reliability staff to resolve the problem to avoid further production impact. A Spartan instrument specialist partnered with the Customer to review the application at site and determined the best solution: replace the older valve trim with modern technology. The latest trim designed for that dirty service application was installed and three years later, the problem has become a distant memory, allowing operations to concentrate on production.