Main Instrument Supplier

Your facility’s instrumentation is critical to successful process operations.  

Not only do you want your facility to run safely, but with the current challenging commodity prices, you need a facility that runs efficiently, therefore increasing your ROI and shareholder value. Capital projects require increased levels of due-diligence in regards to cost certainty, schedule compression, management, as well as overall risk mitigation.

A highly integrated approach to instrumentation, referred to as a Main Instrument Supplier (MIS), with Spartan Controls helps you achieve your capital project goals and establish a baseline for operational excellence.

Having single-source accountability with Spartan Controls:

  • Reduces the project management burden
  • Reduces interface activities
  • Reduces procurement load
  • Reduces the number of suppliers individually engaged in your project

Spartan Controls is uniquely positioned in Western Canada to deliver on this vision as the Main Instrument Supplier through its people, technology innovation, breadth of product, and project experience. 

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