Main Automation Contractor

The modern process facility cannot operate without industrial automation. Not only is automation necessary to run your facility, but can be critical to commissioning efficiently, starting up on schedule, and establishing safe operations. 

Although automation and instrumentation are relatively small in capital scope, their importance to your project execution can be critical. Making the right choice for your automation platform and who implements it can mitigate risk to your project and ongoing operations. With the current challenging commodity prices affecting your project economics and increased shareholder scrutiny on their return on investment (ROI), making the right choice of automation platform and execution team is imperative.

A highly integrated approach to automation, referred to as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC), approach with Spartan Controls/Team Emerson will help you meet your project needs. 'Team Emerson' is an approach leveraging Emerson automation/instrumentation technology and an execution team made up from highly skilled and experienced resources from Spartan Controls and Emerson. Collaboratively integrating the owner, EPC, and Team Emerson will minimize risk, reduce duplication of effort, and ensure project objectives are met.

Some of the benefits of executing a MAC project with Team Emerson/Spartan Controls:

  • Proven, competent full automation scope supplier 
  • Best-in-class products from Emerson including DeltaV, Fisher, and Rosemount 
  • Industry leading innovative technology such as electronic marshalling, wireless and low temperature solutions that reduce auxiliary equipment such as cable tray, heat tracing, and wiring as well as reducing the impact of late project changes
  • Reduction in the number of suppliers individually engaged in your project 
  • Consistent, repeatable, reusable, and efficient implementation of a toolkit for your project’s initial and future phases 
  • Industry and process knowledge of all Western Canadian facility types: Team Emerson, and the depth and experience of Emerson globally, can ensure industries that are new to Western Canada, such as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) export, are successful in their project execution

Spartan Controls/Team Emerson is the best choice in Western Canada to deliver on this vision as the Main Automation Contractor through its people; technology innovation; breadth of product and project experience.

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