EPC Support and Execution

Western Canada has a diverse Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) community with expertise throughout Canada’s energy segments as well as chemical, mining, municipal and more. The Canadian resource deposits have attracted global investment and participation as Canada continues to grow as a stable energy supplier globally.  

The attractiveness of the Western Canadian resource market has also resulted in an increasing  global EPC participation and diversity in project execution methodologies. In some cases, global EPC companies, new to the Western Canadian marketplace, have established offices in Western Canada to execute projects locally, while other projects have been executed, in whole or in part, outside of Canada. 

Competition for Canadian industrial engineering contracts is fierce and thirsting for innovation, including contract execution strategies with a higher level of responsibility and risk taken on by the EPC companies. Adding to the complexity of these projects are the localized industrial process nuances, the Canadian climate, compliance with Canadian codes and standards, fabrication construction, and logistics management to name a few. Selecting the right instrumentation and automation supplier can be an asset to de-risking Western Canadian projects.

Spartan Controls has been supplying instrumentation and automation in Western Canada for over 50 years. Spartans across our territory have local knowledge of all the industries in Western Canada. Projects have been executed successfully as long as Spartan Controls has been in business and we have had teams focused on these projects since the company’s inception. 

Spartan technologies and services can greatly aid EPC organizations by:

  • Reducing risk of project cost overruns
  • Reducing risk of schedule delays
  • Providing complementary man-power for both engineering and site activities
  • Assisting in cost estimations for FEED and feasibility studies
  • Assisting in specification for all automation and control disciplines
  • Ensuring compliance to local standards and regulations
  • Developing creative solutions to your most challenging projects

Spartan Controls and all of the principal suppliers represented, including Emerson, provide equipment and solutions for reliable and safe operation in the diverse climate of Western Canada and beyond our borders. EPC contracts continue to evolve and change and whether they include construction management, fabrication, lump-sum or overseas execution, Spartan Controls has the experience in all styles of projects to help minimize risks and deliver a successfully executed project.

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