Engine and Compressor Instrumentation

FW Murphy is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer providing equipment management, monitor, and control solutions. FW Murphy is known around the world for its original SWICHGAGE® and TATTLETALE® products, as well as its engine and engine-driven equipment controls and monitoring systems.

Typical applications for FW Murphy products include oil and gas production and transmission, original equipment manufacturing, off-highway and construction equipment, standby generator controls, irrigation and agriculture, power generation, marine and boating – nearly any application involving engines or their driven equipment.

Spartan offers instrumentation for applications such as:

  • Fluid level: offering a wide variety of instruments for monitoring coolant, fuel and lubricant levels. 
  • Pressure and vacuum
  • Temperature
  • Time, vibration & overspeed: including tachometers, time delays, speed switches, and magnetic sensor pickups
  • Valves: providing pressure relief, return line check, and flue gas shutdown
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