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The 26 flow stabilizer is a self-cleaning, opening speed control.

It is used in conjunction with a fixed restriction orifice that is usually threaded into port 3. The 26 stabilizer allows free flow down to the bonnet (port 1) and restricts flow up from port 1.

The 26 stabilizer is used as the standard flow stabilizer (opening speed control) on model 106-PR or 206-PR pressure reducing valves or any other model that requires low flow stabilization.

Model 26 Flow Stabilizer


Maximum Working Temperature
180°F (82°C)
Maximum Working Pressure
400 psi (27.6 bar)
1/4" NPT


  • The flow stabilizer shall be a Singer model 26.
  • The flow stabilizer body shall be of stainless steel construction.
  • The flow stabilizer shall allow unrestricted flow into the main valve bonnet while offering adjustable restricted flow out of the bonnet.
  • The flow stabilizer shall be self cleaning and resistant to plugging
  • The Singer proprietary tapered internal orifice and inner valve shall offer precise adjustment, which shall be lockable by utilizing the top locknut.
  • The flow stabilizer shall improve low flow stability when incorporated with other “Singer Low Flow” proprietary automatic control valve enhancements