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The 106-A-Type 4 and 206-A-Type 4 altitude control valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve, and are ideal for maintaining a preset maximum water level.

The valve functions as a two position control valve, either fully open or fully closed. The Type 4 allows normal forward flow to fill the reservoir to the maximum level, then closes drip-tight at the set-point. It opens to refill the tank once the level drops an adjustable amount below the high water level.

Distribution from the reservoir is through a separate pipeline.

Note: This valve does not operate as a check valve to prevent reverse flow.


  • No overflows
  • Adjustable draw-down level (differential) set-point
  • Superior repeatability
  • Positive shut-off
  • Adjustable draw-down for improved water cycling