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The Model A106-DL-Air is a compact sewage relief valve that is suitable for high pressures up to 200 psi, responds very quickly and retains all the features and benefits of the Model A106-DL Spring– Hydraulic version.

It is an attractive solution to what may be otherwise a difficult application due to higher pressures or space height limitations.

The Model A106-DL-Air-ET retains all the features and benefits of the Model A106-DL-Air with the additional feature of two 3-way solenoid valves which forces the valve open upon power failure.


  • A106-DL-Air:
  • Eliminates surges and prolongs pipe life
  • Handles higher pressure applications effectively
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Utilizes compress air or plant air
  • Smaller profile allows installation into limited space
  • Ideal for higher pressures
  • A106-DL-Air-ET:
  • All key features of the A106-DL-Air
  • Solenoid valve anticipates surges resulting from power failures