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Quality, reliability, safety and value are Henry Pratt Company's criteria embodied in the Multi-Port plug valve.

High quality manufacturing processes from advanced CAD engineering to CNC machining ensure reliable operation with high flow capability.
The Pratt Multi-Port plug valve is designed for regulation, diversion and isolation of water (clean or dirty) and sludge and slurries. The single tapered plug design can be arranged to provide a wide selection of flow configurations.
High flow and large solids passage is a key feature of the Pratt Multi-Port plug valve; a 3” round solid can pass through a 4” valve without compression.
Although the regular usage of a Pratt Multi-Port valve is for flow diversion applications, the valve can provide tight shut-off, which is factory set when requested at order placement. (Not available with double-style plug or on 14” and 16” valves).
Multi-Port Plug Valve


Body and Seat
The Pratt® Multi-Port plug valve body is a high integrity casting in cast iron ASTM A126 Class B. The precision machined, internal tapered surface of the body is the valve seat which is provided with a corrosion and erosion resistant epoxy coating. Other materials are available.
End Connections
The 3-flanges are to ASME / ANSI B16.1 Class 125 flat faced. Certain sizes of valve require some tapped bolt holes because of limited access for nuts behind the flange.
The ductile iron plug is totally encapsulated (3" thru 16") with a molded and vulcanized elastomer providing sealing and tight shut-off (except for 14" & 16" and double style plugs). For tight shut-off applications, it is advisable that the flow is against the rear of the plug. Tight shut-off not available with double-style plug or on 14" and 16" valves. A large-diameter stem and upper and lower trunnion are integral with the plug casting. The upper end of the stem has a 2" square drive for wrench operation and also 2 keyways for maximum versatility when mounting gear operators. A cast marking on the end of the shaft indicates the plug face orientation. The single style plug is standard in the Pratt® Multi-Port plug valve to provide straightthrough and 90º flow paths. A double-style plug is optionally available upon request (not tight shut-off).
The plug rotates in permanently lubricated, corrosion resistant stainless steel bearings in the body and bonnet.
Bonnet Seal
The bolted bonnet is assembled in a precision location in the body and uses superior ‘O’-Ring sealing, with metal to metal contact, providing lower stress compared to
Stem Seal
Multiple self-adjusting U-cup seals provide positive stem sealing with trouble-free service.
Manual operation by lever or gear available on all sizes. Chainwheel operation is also available. Electric or pneumatic actuation is available on request.
The valve interior and exterior surfaces are coated with 10-12 mils of 2-Part epoxy.