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The Pratt® wafer-lever arm style check valve features a heavy duty cast iron body with type 316 stainless steel internals.
It has a spring assisted closure and a reversible spring arm assembly with a unobstructed round port. In addition, the check valve is built with a disc position indicator and a manual override lever, making it a very economical, long-lasting alternative to more expensive check valve designs. 
Wafer-Level Arm Check Valve


The compact wafer body is constructed of ASTM A-126 Class B cast iron. The short face-to-face dimension means less space is required than with traditional flanged swing check valves
Number "O" ring seat materials are available. Positive retention of the seat is accomplished by the dovetail groove machined in the valve body. This groove reduces the possibility of the "O" ring being displaced from the body while allowing removal and replacement during maintenance
Split rings of PTFE packing are employed to prevent leakage through the shaft
The one piece 316 stainless steel shaft is supported by two (2) bronze bushings to insure proper alignment of the disc and seat. The design allows the shaft/arm to be field changed to either left or right hand positions
A corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel disc is used to reduce the chance of disc failure. Precision machining of the mating surface provides uniform contact between the disc and seat
Disc Arm
Continuing the concept of 316 stainless steel internals the disc arm is manufactured of 316 stainless steel. The arm is attached to the disc and shaft by use of stainless steel fastners
Spring/Arm Assembly
The spring arm assembly provides both positive indication of the disc position as well as serving as a manual override for use in back flushing the system. The spring allows the valve to operate properly even if installed in a vertical line. The spring also permits a predetermined line pressure to be reached prior to the valve opening
Round unobstructed ports translate to higher flow capabilities than are possible with other types of wafer check valves