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HP350™ Butterfly Valve


6"-48" (FL ends); 6"-36" (MJ ends)
350 psi; 525 shell test
Actuation Options
Nut; Handwheel; Buried Service
Body Styles
ANSI 250# with 250 drilling


  • Higher pressures:
  • Working pressures to 350 psi with temperatures to 250°F
  • Wide size range and end connections:
  • Available in sizes 6"-48" (FLxFL) and 6"-36" (MJxMJ)
  • Rubber seat located in body:
  • Reduces performance problems related to corrosive buildup in valve body and pipeline
  • Unique Disc Design:
  • Provides more strength, less weight, and greater free-flow area than conventional disc design
  • Nonmetallic bearings:
  • Prevents galvanic corrosion and provides lower coefficient of friction
  • V-type shaft packing:
  • Self-adjusting, lasts the life of the valve
  • Actuators and Accessories:
  • Available with manual traveling nut or worm gear, electric motor or cylinder actuator; plus full range of extensions, indicators, positioners, remote controls and other accessories