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The ball valve shall be metal to metal seated with flanged ends, drilled to the applicable ANSI B16.
1 standard Class 125. Valve shall have a clear unobstructed waterway, which will result in no significant head loss, when the valve is in the full open position. The valve shall be drop tight and meet or exceed the AWWA C507- (latest revision) inspection and testing standard. The valve shall be single seated for pump control and rated at 150 or 300 psi. The valve shall be as manufactured by Pratt. The valve shall consist of a body, ball and operating unit (actuator).
AWWA Metal Seated Ball Valve


6" - 48"
Pressure Class
ANSI B16.1 CL.125 or CL.250
Pressure Ratings
150 or 300 psig
Shafts Available
ASTM A564; Type 630 H1150 (17-4 PH); Stainless Steel
Actuators Available
Manual, Cylinder, Motor


  • Pressure Assisted Metal Seat
  • Long life
  • No scraping, galling, or wedging during operation
  • Field adjustable
  • Cast Ductile Iron Construction
  • Rated for 300 PSIG service*
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Higher strength than cast iron
  • Trunnion Mounted Ball
  • Resists deflection
  • Allows smooth operation
  • 100% Full Port Body Design
  • Head loss equal to an equivalent length of straight pipe
  • Lower pumping requirements result in reduced power costs
  • Operates equally well at high or low velocities without cavitation
  • Self Flushing Operation
  • Ideal for waste water pumping applications
  • Suitable for continuous throttling applications