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AirPro Max® Series WAR UL Listed and FM Approved Air Release Valves are designed to vent trapped air that collects at high points in a pipeline.
These valves continuously release air from systems thereby preventing large air pockets to form which can cause damaging pressure surge to the system. In many installations lacking Air Release Valves, large pockets of air in the pipeline will cause power consumption to increase, and flow to decrease, possibly completely. Another possible result of excessive air accumulation is the inexplicable pipeline rupture that is mistakenly attributed to ground settling or defective pipe. In reality unusually large air pockets can greatly increase the pressure of normally occurring surges to the point where sudden stops and starts of flow can cause a pipe to rupture. UL/FM Air Valves are suitable for use in fire protection services.
Series WAR Air Valves


Body and Cover
Ductile Iron ASTM A536 65-45-12
316 Stainless Steel
Internal Trim
316 Stainless Steel
Orifice button and Seat
External Cover Bolts
ASTM F593 316SS
Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating Interior and Exterior
NPT Connections
1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3"
Flanged Ends
Class 125 (6” only)
Pressure Ratings
150 psi, 175 psi, 300 psi
Temperature Range
Water to 180°F