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The EPOD from Westgen can reduce methane emissions from pneumatics by up to 99% by replacing methane-rich site gas with clean, dry instrument air.
Maintenance costs are dramatically reduced because the EPOD’s patent-pending design utilizes common industry components that can be serviced without the need for expensive parts or specially trained service technicians.

The EPOD is designed to handle a wide range of power and air requirements (from 5 scfm to 100 scfm) for new wellsites and retrofits!
EPOD Air & Power (AP) Series


Physical Size (LWH)
10’ x 8’ x 8.5’
Enclosure Type
Walk in
Climate control
Heated & insulated; Operator adjustable via Control Panel
Generator Gas Type
EPOD generators are optimized to use Wellhead gas, Natural Gas, or Propane and are designed for intermittent operation – reducing fuel consumption and extending the maintenance cycle
Up to 100 scfm (max); Simplex or Duplex compressors, 5hp-30hp
Air Generation @100 PSIG (scfm)
Up to 61 scfm on 20hp; Up to 110 scfm on 30hp
Power Generation (6kW)
AP6; AP6 Hybrid
Power (PR) Series
PR6; PR6 Hybrid
Power Generation (20kW)
AP20; AP20Hybrid
Power (PR) Series
PR20; PR20 Hybrid
Power Generation (30kW)
AP30; AP30 Hybrid
Power (PR) Series
PR30; PR30 Hybrid
Air Generation
5hp, 7.5hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp, and 30hp
Compressed Air (CA) series
CA5, CA7, CA10, CA20, CA30
Annual CO2 Emissions
12-18 tCO2e2, 24-37 tCO2e2, 36-54 tCO2e2
Solar Array
3.1kW on EPOD Hybrid; Non-solar option upon request
Site UPS Battery array
20 kWh Lithium Iron Phospate; Non-UPS option upon request
Heat Trace
Electric Heat Trace (standard); Optional Glycol heat trace
Maintenance cycle
8 – 12 months at 30%


  • On-Grid or Off-Grid Power Supply – Every EPOD can be installed on well sites with on-grid or off-grid power supply.
  • Off-Grid EPODs use generators that are optimized to use Wellhead gas, Natural Gas, or Propane.
  • Heat Tracing1 – Electric (default) or Glycol-based (optional) to prevent freezing of onsite piping.
  • Power Distribution – 24V-DC and 120/240V-AC power is standard for EPOD and EPOD XL, and an optional upgrade on EPOD Mini.
  • RTU - PLC with embedded IO and SCADA system with callouts
  • H2S Capability – Optional inline scrubber, up to 10,000 ppm (optional)
  • 4.6kW Solar panel extension – Added solar capacity for you EPOD or EPOD XL (optional)