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The SmartSeries LB 414 is a radiometric detector for density, concentration and solids content measurements, combining both – detector and evaluation in one single unit.

The SmartSeries LB 414 can be applied on all liquids and slurries. Besides the high level of accuracy and repeatability, easy use of the detector is a major advantage of this density gauge. The local user interface with display and the software -focusing on the main functions make calibration and operation of the HART device very easy. Parametrization can be carried out directly at the detector’s push button, using a HART communicator, via PC or infrared remote control.

Berthold SmartSeries LB 414


Housing material
Stainless steel ISO 1.4301 / AISI 304 (other materials on request)
approx. 10 kg
approx. 483 mm
Supply voltage
Variant 1: 100…240 VAC +/- 10%, 50…60 Hz max. 10 VA
CE, CCSAUS general area
Current output
HART current output 4...20 mA, potential-free, passive or active


  • Compact field device with integrated transmitter
  • Simple and straightforward local display operation
  • Impressively simple
  • Perfect for density measurements in non-hazardous areas
  • No recalibration required