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Below Ground WQSS
The Hydro-Guard Blow-Off Sampling Station (B.
O.S.S.) provides a reliable and user-friendly method for taking water quality samples from a utility's own water distribution line. Using a permanent, dedicated sampling point allows utility personnel to access sample locations at their convenience—no appointment necessary. Hydro-Guard Sampling Stations are for use in warm or cold climates, with a variety of freeze protection options available for the protection of these devices in even the coldest of climates.


  • Incorporated into Mueller Relocator with horizontal inlet and outlet
  • M.I.P. meter thread used to retrofit dual check with sampling into existing meter set
  • Available for use with 5/8”; 5/8” x ¾”; ¾”; and 1” meter setters
  • Sampling wand (sold separately)
  • Easy access
  • No above grade housing to maintain
  • Sanitary cap included for protection of sample quick connect at meter setter
  • No lead brass or stainless steel quick connect valve for sure-fit connection of sample wand and sample point
  • No valve to open at meter
  • Wand constructed of 3/8” stainless steel tubing with a ball valve