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Rosemount™ Hx438 Steam Sterilizable DO Sensor
rosemount hx438
The Rosemount Hx438 Steam Sterilizable Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor is a membrane-covered amperometric sensor designed to meet the demanding requirements of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries.
The dissolved oxygen sensor provides a drift-free signal and maintains its calibration value for up to 50 steam sterilization cycles.
Rosemount™ Hx438 Steam Sterilizable DO Sensor


Ambient Temperature
-10 to 140° C (14 to 284° F)
Measurement Range
0 to 20 ppm, 0 to 250 % saturation, depending on instrument


  • Available in a 120 mm length
  • PG 13.5 Process Connection
  • Tolerates repeated steam sterilization
  • Sensor response practically independent of flow
  • Fast response time