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A turnkey solution capable of handling natural gas from facility to distribution

A turnkey solution capable of handling natural gas from facility to distribution

The RNG quality control package effectively analyzes cleaned biogas to ensure it meets pipeline spec before going to distribution.

  • Supply gas is sampled through an analyzer and gas chromatograph
  • The gas is then moved through the distribution valve or the recycling valve. If the gas does not meet specification it is automatically shunted to the recycling branch
  • The distribution branch has two regulator trains to reduce the gas pressure to distribution levels. For redundancy, each train has two regulators, a worker and a monitor regulator
  • Further downstream of the regulator trains odorant is injected to the sales gas
  • Pressure and temperature instruments monitor and aid in computing the compensated gas flow rates
The 370XA gas chromatograph is used to measure the selective C6+ components and heating value of the gas. The X-Stream is used for measuring the dew point and oxygen content of the gas. All of the analyzer packages have an appropriate sampling system to extract the RNG and perform reliable analysis.
The Dosaodor package utilizes solenoids to control the dosing rate ( based on the RNG flowrate), and a vessel to store the Mercaptan. There are both continuous level and point level instruments installed on the tank to monitor the odorant level.
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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)


1" to 6" Pipe


  • High quality instruments, robust and reliable
  • Digitally connected for alarming, record keeping, data tracking, remote serviceability
  • Pressure letdown from facility to distribution pressure
  • Monitor gas composition to make sure it meets gas utilities spec
  • Automatically isolate for off spec gas
  • Measure the amount of gas supplied by the producer
  • Odorant injection system to store and inject odorant in gas line
  • RTU for control and monitoring
  • Engineered drawings, programming and commissioning
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