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The Altronic DPYH-4300U digital pyrometers use type J or K thermocouple probes to monitor temperatures.
They come in 4, 6, or 8 channel models, and can be set for readout in degrees C or F. The DPYH-4390U series has an individual high alarm setpoint for each channel, while the DPYH-4354U has one common setpoint for four channels. The setpoints are adjustable via the front display. Each alarm channel has its own dedicated normally-open solid-state output switch. The device has a sealed membrane keypad for channel display and continuous scan, and all device configuration data and setpoints are entered through the front keypad. Open thermocouples are indicated on the display readout. The devices are housed in a gasketed, anodized aluminum case and assembled using stainless steel hardware, suitable for demanding environmental applications.
Altronic DPYH-4300 SERIES


Available with 4, 6, or 8 channels
Individual high alarm setpoint for each channel (DPYH-4390U series) or one common setpoint for four channels (DPYH-4354U)
Housed in a rugged, anodized aluminum case
Universal features
Selectable readout in either °C or °F, selectable type J or K thermocouple, powered by C.D. ignition or 12-48 Vdc, and solid-state limit switches
Universal application
Monitoring temperatures in compressor process gas, engine water and oil, cylinder exhaust, turbocharger inlet/outlet, catalytic converter inlet/outlet, and critical points on heavy-duty machinery