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Enovation PowerView 101
Enovation is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer providing equipment management, monitor and control solutions.
The PV101 display is a multifunction tool which enables equipment operators to view many standard engine and transmission parameters as well as active and stored trouble codes. The display can show either a single parameter or a quadrant display showing four parameters simultaneously. Diagnostic capabilities include codes with text translation for the most common fault conditions. The enhanced alarm indication has ultra-bright alarm and shutdown LEDs (amber and red).
Enovation PowerView® 101


Operating Voltage
8 - 32 VDC
Display Viewing Temperature
-20° to +185° F (-29° to +85° C)
Maximum Panel Thickness
-3/8 inch (9.6 mm)
Shipping Weights
1 Lb. (450 g.)


  • Voltage range − wider operational voltage range of 6.5-32 VDC
  • Improved keypad response
  • Brightened and improved backlighting and LED alarm lights for greater visibility