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Compression on DeltaV
You want your critical rotating and reciprocating equipment operating in a safe, reliable and efficient manner but don’t want the complexity to integrate the standalone controller to your plant control system.

The Compression on DeltaV allow you to eliminate these islands of automation that would typically be offered in PLCs and requires integration. With Compression on DeltaV the compressor panels are native to your DeltaV control system. The Compression on DeltaV is offered for gas engines, electric motors, reciprocating or screw compressors for applications such as Refrigeration, VRUs and others.



  • Compression control and process control integrated into one seamless system
  • Increased fault tolerance and availability Reduced training and maintenance
  • Time synchronized events data across the entire plant
  • Plantwide data integration, alarm management, and trending
  • Improved diagnostics and troubleshooting