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Murphy MGC 400
The MGC 400 is a flexible genset control panel that provides powerful control and monitoring for industrial genset application and is ideal for use with a remote modem or a SCADA system via Modbus RTU protocol over RS48.
 Field-adjustable operating parameters can be changed through the front panel of the controller or an easy to use PC configuration tool. Advanced local logic capabilities are provided by a programmable logic tool (M-logic) built into the PC configuration tool, which allows for custom use of the digital I/O and predefining conditions for new functions.


  • Rugged and Reliable Panel for Prime Mover
  • Backup and Standby Power Applications
  • Supports Gensets Ranging from 50 kw up to MW sized
  • Works with Mechanical and Electronic Engines Controls
  • Monitors and Protects both the Engine and Generator
  • Tier 4/Euro Stage IIIB Ready