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Murphy EMS GC10
Murphy's EMS-GC10 Genset Controller provides flexible control and monitoring for industrial genset applications including backup power, power supply for remote locations and mobile power for remote locations.
 The controller supports programmable logic and can be configured for specific functions unique to your application.  The EMS-GC10 supports Automatic Main Failure (AMF) and generator breaker control and offers field-adjustable operating parameters that can be changed through the controller or an easy to use PC configuration tool called Utility Software.
FW Murphy EMS GC10


Class 2.0 to EN 60688
Input DC Voltage
6 VDC to 36 VDC
AC Frequency
30 to 70Hz
Magnetic Pickup Input Voltage
2 to 70V peak, 0 to 10,000Hz
SAE J1939 Compliant
Auto Start
Cascade controller
AC metering
volts, amps, hertz
Phase selector switch
(3 phase)
Electric senders
100 PSI & 250F, ½ inch or M14 port


  • Controls and Monitors both Engine and Generator
  • Compatible with Mechanical and Electronic J1939 Engines
  • Supports Automatic Main Failure (AMF) and Generator Breaker Control
  • Easy-to-use PC Configuration
  • Rugged Design