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FW Murphy Centurion

FW Murphy's C4 Series Centurion Configurable Controller is a control and monitoring system designed for engine/electric motor driven compressors and many control applications using standard configurations to reduce cost and training.

The Centurion continuously monitors input signals and set points and commands outputs to maintain proper operation. When an out-of-limits event occurs, the controller will stop, shutdown, or change control conditions. The auto-start capabilities of the Centurion allow for start/stop based on parameters such as pressure set points or by digital signals.

The Centurion provides real-time data via communication ports to a connected display and/or supervisory system. This advanced system offers multiple options for remote communications and operation including HMIs, PLCs, PCs and SCADA systems. The industry standard *Modbus® RTU protocol means greater support for a wide variety of communication equipment including radio and satellite communications systems. 

FW Murphy Centurion


Power Input
10-32 VDC (30 W max)
Operating Temp
-40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
PC-based Centurion Configuration Software
Two analog outputs
4-20 mA, 16-bit hardware


  • Fully configurable control and monitoring system
  • Applications include reciprocating / screw compressors and pump systems
  • System is expandable to meet most three-stage compressor applications
  • User-configurable with Windows®-based software
  • All I/O points can be custom configured
  • No programming experience required
  • Local and remote communications, Modbus® RTU via RS485/232
  • Upload / Download capabilities for configurations and set points
  • Approved Certification for Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C & D areas